Raw Sandwich Cookies

Sandwich Cookies are the perfect treat. Not only do you get two cookies, but a gooey filling, too! As this version is raw, they can be whipped up in no time at all - ideal for those who are impatient (like me!) With four ingredients in the chocolate cookies, they are simply delicious and ridiculously easy to make. It’s the same for the filling, which only requires stirring everything together. If you’ve got a particular nut butter preference, you can definitely switch the cashew butter. However, I find cashew butter has a really lovely, creamy texture and goes best with vanilla. There’s no better way to beat that afternoon sweet craving!

Prep: 25 minutes


Total: 25 minutes

super easy


    Oat Milk

  • 100g rolled oats,700ml water


  • Soak the rolled oats in 500 ml of cold/ room temperature water in a bowl.
  • Leave to soak for 15 minutes.
  • Place a sieve over a second bowl and pour the soaked oats and water into this second bowl through the sieve.
  • Using a spoon stir the oats in the sieve to make sure you are draining all the liquid from them. The oat milk will be collecting in the bowl under the sieve.
  • Once all liquid is drained from the oats, place the soaked oats back into the first bowl, and cover again with 200ml cold/ room temperature water.
  • Leave the oats to soak for another 10 minutes, and repeat the above process, draining all oat milk from the soaked oats into the bowl.
  • Pour oat milk into a glass milk bottle, screw on a lid and store in fridge. Shake well before using.

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